In the Moment

Interpretations After the Painted Nudes of Anders Zorn.

Anders Zorn was Sweden’s most renowned painter at the turn of the twentieth century. His skill in portraiture made him an artist of international stature. The King and Queen, three U.S. Presidents, and the elite of the Gilded Age all sat for him. But it was his work with the female nude that was most enlightening. By releasing the model from her formal neoclassic bonds, and then placing her unposed in nature, he freed the genre and opened up a new way of seeing the nude figure without restrictions: as herself, and comfortable in her own skin.


This series is unique in that it called for the model to be painted as a ‘painted nude’ in Zorn’s style. Instead of the paint being its own dynamic, it meant the brushwork would be rendered in each model’s skin tones.


These interpretations are the work of ten contemporary women each taking those original models’ sense of themselves, transforming them as their own, and in turn creating a new rendering that is still

 In The Moment


images in this collection will be swapped out periodically to give a more complete overview of the series