I completed a forty five year career as a theatrical Scenic Artist in 2012. I was a Master Scenic Artist on more than fifty movies including the Emmy Award winning Death of a Salesman, and the Academy Award winning Sleepy Hollow. I completed my theatrical career painting for the Metropolitan Opera

My creative medium now is photomontage and, working with the female nude, is exclusively in the school of Dramatic Narrative. By applying decades of theatrical experience, the images created depict the painted female nude set within a unique context. Each work is rendered from multiple images digitally woven together.


For more than thirteen years our work has been exhibited throughout the Northeast and has earned numerous Awards including several Best in Show and First Place honors.

In 2018 the series BACH 333 was exhibited in a Solo Show at Rockwell Gallery, Wilton CT. As a celebration of the 333rd anniversary of the birth of Johann Sebastian Bach this collection visualizes the music of the German Baroque composer in the aesthetic of the Italian Baroque fresco artist Giambattista Tiepolo.

In 2016 the series IN THE MOMENT: AFTER THE PAINTED NUDES OF ANDERS ZORN had its first Solo Show at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists (Upstairs Gallery), Ridgefield, CT. The nine women interpreting the artwork of Anders Zorn chose the paintings that related to them as well as choosing the locale where they found themselves, either in images of the Stockholm Archipelago or the landscapes of central Sweden. 

In 2014 the series GODDESS OF THE HUNT: AFTER AUGUSTUS SAINT-GAUDENS’ DIANA was the Solo Show at the same venue in Ridgefield, CT. Seven women interpreted Saint-Gaudens’ Diana as she conducted her day and performed her duties as their own Roman Goddess of the Hunt.


Dramatic Narrative in Paint and Photography


 Throughout the years as a professional Scenic Artist my job was to hone my skills to scenically depict the story at hand. Whether sitting through rehearsals, studying the Director of Photography setting up a shot, or seeing how the Lighting Designer shaped the space on stage, I absorbed each approach to telling the story. Amassing this invaluable information has been key in telling our stories in Dramatic Narrative.


A Unique Collaboration


Without the collaboration of each of the women represented in these images there would be no narrative to tell. It is their experiences and the belief in what they are saying which create the breath within each interpretation. For that reason, I always refer to these images as "our" work. 

Working with them has been the artistic stream that’s flowed through all of us; it has allowed us to create a most unique ensemble and an enriching body of work. For that experience, I cannot thank them enough.